Joe to Pro Cycling

In 2009 I'd been inactive for 8 years, had just turned 30, weighed 240 lbs and had enough. This blog is the journey of starting brand new in the sport of cycling, regaining fitness and aiming to compete in the Elite ranks of Amateur racing.

Current Weight: 180 lbs

Road Cat: 2

Cyclocross Cat: 2


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    Getting ready to have my first intentional recovery week ever. Will probably wig out by Wednesday. Ha!

    Welcome Chris to the Team!

    2013 was a fantastic year and going into 2014 we wanted to continue to provide the premium…

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    How you dress for the trainer when its 13 f in your garage. Ha!

    Nature is an old lady with few suitors these days, and those who wish to make use of her charms she rewards passionately.

    The Rider (Tim Krabbe)

    Anyone riding mid day today? I’ll be out maybe we can rock a few miles in OKC.

    Finally able to get some Festive 500 work in. Having strep early in the week makes finishing it unlikely. But we will see what I can do with 2 days left and 350 kilos to go!



    Stop. Enjoy the moment. Ride.

    My favourite time when riding is sometimes the time I stop to take it all in. Creation is a wonderful thing.

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    Bikelove projects. Another little thing we have made in the workshop. Replaces the nut on your QR and gives you somewhere else to mount a front light or camera. Versions for rear QR , solid axle hubs and frame/fork mounts coming soon.

    I love this idea!! Who else would use this?

    Bike Lab Holiday Hours and Sales

    The Christmas and New Year Season is on top of us! 

    We wanted to give everyone a quick update on…

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