Joe to Pro Cycling

In 2009 I'd been inactive for 8 years, had just turned 30, weighed 240 lbs and had enough. This blog is the journey of starting brand new in the sport of cycling, regaining fitness and aiming to compete in the Elite ranks of Amateur racing.

Current Weight: 180 lbs

Road Cat: 2

Cyclocross Cat: 2


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    i want to ride here.

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    Can you imagine, honestly, for a moment how supremely awesome it would be to see hundreds of people riding bikes home from work instead of the standstill of traffic we experience? The flow of people, the health of lifestyle, the positive change of local commerce - it’s fun to dream.

    Future bike shop uniform.

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    LUCM4 (credit: CityZenCecco)

    I’m such a wuss.

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    you are not stuck in traffic

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    Tomorrow. Can’t wait!


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    Bike #fail. Learn what not to do.

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    My typical session on rollers

    1.) envision video clips of Merckx riding rollers and how pro it is.
    2.) put 1 hour lactate threshold workout together on Garmin Connect and send to Edge 500.
    3.) put on weird kit I got but never really wear outside.
    4.) setup rollers
    5.) start music of perfect 1 hour playlist
    6.) awkwardly get spun up on rollers.
    7.) start workout on Garmin
    8.) try to shift to big ring, can’t, stop get chain into big ring, start up again.
    9.) get through 10 min warmup feeling like a champ
    10.) get 10 mins into interval and realize legs and ass hurts and no amount of techno can make this not incredibly boring.
    11.) stop, put everything away, pour a glass of brandy and start an episode of the BBC’s Sherlock

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