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In 2009 I'd been inactive for 8 years, had just turned 30, weighed 240 lbs and had enough. This blog is the journey of starting brand new in the sport of cycling, regaining fitness and aiming to compete in the Elite ranks of Amateur racing.

Current Weight: 180 lbs

Road Cat: 2

Cyclocross Cat: 2


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    winter is coming

    Is it weird that I’m hoping this is what a couple days next week looks like when I go out to ride? Yes, it will be cold and “suck.” Yes, my coffee will taste better then yours.


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    We’ve been working hard to make our trainer night much more then a simple spin. It’s lead by an instructor who has been riding and racing for over 40 years. We focus on cadence, strength, technique, and endurance. As a racer I’ve been surprised to find it’s been extremely helpful in feeling more fluid and stable on the bike.

    Plus, we hang out at Interurban five dollar burger night afterwards. This is a great training in social time come join us!

    Hot Bunny Hop Action! (Thanks @sethlikens)

    after day 1 after day 2 after day 3 after day 4 after day 5 after day 6 after day 7



    Adam Hansen at Lotto-Belisol’s training camp

    (gonna be updated each day! -ed.)


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    Tomorrow ends my 2012 Cyclocross Season and begins the most ambitious Base Training plan ever. Actually pretty excited about it. Getting out from under the pressure of races will be nice. 

    This is how badass I feel after going on a long bike ride in sub-freezing weather. HA!

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    Beautifully written piece and part of the reason why I wanted to own and help operate a bike shop.

    Chiro today - Spears does a great job. Quick and a minimalist on adjustments (which I appreciate.) Tell him I sent you. ;)

    Commute home felt great - toes a little cold but unavoidable. Rest of week seems a breeze!

    Who ever said tan lines aren’t sexy?

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