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In 2009 I'd been inactive for 8 years, had just turned 30, weighed 240 lbs and had enough. This blog is the journey of starting brand new in the sport of cycling, regaining fitness and aiming to compete in the Elite ranks of Amateur racing.

Current Weight: 180 lbs

Road Cat: 2

Cyclocross Cat: 2


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    Dirt roads - give me more dirt roads!

    Pre-ride breakfast: English muffin, jelly, over easy egg on cooked ham and cheese - coffee. Lets do this!



    Right before sunset, after seven hours of riding, I sneaked in under some barbwire, crawled over an enclosed pasture, over a field, across a slope and there it was. The most amazing stealth camping spot ever visited by man. Just in time for the sunset. I pitched the tent, cooked a nice meal, had coffee, Swiss chocolate and some Bourbon. On the other side of the valley I heard the cowbells that eventually cradled me to sleep. This is how life should be at its worst.

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    Stop using your “body type” as an excuse to stay overweight - especially in the US. Being fit is half, being in a healthy shape/weight is just as important to true health.


    Start your Day the Right Way & Cycle to Work!

    Create the change you want to see. Do it OKC.

    On group ride tonight I had two flats. On second one I waved group on - kiddingly threatening that they better not let me catch them.

    It took a few minutes to change the flat and then I took up a hearty chase. The kind where you have to keep pushing past comfortable tempo - into prolonged leg burn and a bigger gear then you’d like.

    I love the chase. The goal becomes simple, the throttle is wide open, and it’s your will and mind against the odds on which will break first.

    Towards the end of the route I was seeing blinky lights as my body ached, eyes blinking out sweat and legs 10 layers deep in burn.

    I was able to get into the back of the group with a kilometer to go. They weren’t throttling it, but it was satisfying to make it. My own little war to wage.

    You are, and will ever be the only one, to hold you back. Let go, and chase after yourself.

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