Joe to Pro Cycling

In 2009 I'd been inactive for 8 years, had just turned 30, weighed 240 lbs and had enough. This blog is the journey of starting brand new in the sport of cycling, regaining fitness and aiming to compete in the Elite ranks of Amateur racing.

Current Weight: 180 lbs

Road Cat: 3

Cyclocross Cat: 2


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    I think this should be the facepaint our cycling team does for crits.

    (via wilwheaton)

    • Me:: man I'm eating really well today!

    • Kids:: we got free meal coupons to Cici's today!

    • Me:: :|

    Still can’t get over his effort in this stage win. Pushing an average of 490 watts for 12 minutes. Dear god.


    victories are earned

    "Victories are earned when no one is watching."

    Or, you have push your limits even when no one is there to give you Kudos for it.

    Holy femurs Batman!



    Do you have a bike tattoo?


    (via Dubai Tour stage 1)

    I feel like the Tours in the middle east are so outlandish an overall winner could come home with a literal trophy wife.


    Tommeke, Iljo, and Styby tested the Ronde parcours today…bring on the classics!

    Stybar is on his Specialized Crux as he scouts routes for Spring Classics. I wonder if he will race in one this year!?!

    Cycling is suffering. You cannot be a cyclist without have gone through extreme mental pain.

    Jacques Boyer, Rising From the Ashes (via agentlemancyclist)

    Suffering is the lifeblood of progress in cycling.


    Latest photos of the shop <3

    It has come a long way since opening in 2012 and we want to thank everyone for their love and support and can’t wait to carpe every single diem of this coming season.

    You can follow us on facebook and on instagram @standertmaxe

    Photos by Constantin Gerlach #blnfxd

    This is a gorgeous bike shop that blends warm cafe style with shop-able displays. Taking notes!

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